Bicycle Guide to the Lewis & Clark Trail

Outline of the Book

This 308 page book is intended for both the planning and execution of your trip. It is large enough to contain all the information you need, and small enough to carry with you. Although designed specifically for bicycle tourers, it is a valuable tool for any adventurous traveler. Contents include:

1. Introduction

Who were Lewis and Clark? What did they do? Why is their trip significant? What is "The Lewis and Clark Trail?" Why would someone want to bike this trail? How to get the most out of the book.

2. Philosophy

Chapter 2 tells you something about the author and describes his philosophy of flexibility and trade-offs. There are many questions for you to consider—and discussions of possible answers—to help you plan and execute a successful tour. For example: Do you prefer camping, B&Bs, motels, or some combination? When and where are reservations advisable? Will you eat in restaurants or cook your own meals? How can you plan the best trip in the time available? What time of year is best? How far do you like to ride each day? East to west or west to east? Road bike or mountain bike? What equipment will you need? How should you prepare your bicycle?

3. Overview: The Master Plan

This unique chapter presents an overview of the entire Lewis & Clark Trail in just a few pages. It will help you create your own Master Plan for whatever portion of the trail you want to ride, by highlighting potential overnight stops and summarizing the services each offers.

4. Detailed Route: Town Maps and Descriptions

In the western United States, it's relatively easy to get from town to town—as detailed in Chapter 5. This chapter tells you how to find everything you need when you arrive in town—often tired. It is divided into the eleven sections below:

A. The Katy Trail — St. Louis to Boonville, MO
B. Gently Rolling Missouri — to Kansas City, MO
C. Turning North — to Council Bluffs, IA
D. Bottomland — to Yankton, SD
E. Lakes and Dams — to Bismarck, ND
F. Across the North Dakota Prairie — to Fairview, MT
G. Eastern Montana Big Sky Country — to Great Falls, MT
H. Three Routes Over the Divide — to Missoula, MT

• Lemhi Pass (Original Westward Route)
• Big Hole Route (Clark's Return)
• Route 200 Shortcut (Lewis's Return)

I. Over the Bitterroots — to Lewiston, ID
J. Inland Empire — to Umatilla, OR
K. Down the Columbia River — to Astoria, OR

5. Detailed Route: Intertown Maps and Directions

Chapter 5 contains the detailed directions and maps to guide you from town to town. For ease of use, there is a separate set of directions for both westbound and eastbound travelers. It is designed so one set can be torn out and put in your handlebar bag or pocket as you ride, and the other set can be torn out and saved or thrown away.

6. Appendices

A. Suggested Bicycle Preparation
B. Suggested Equipment List
C. Weather Data
D. Recommended Books
E. Sources of Additional Information
F. Public Transportation