Bicycle Guide to the Lewis & Clark Trail

What Is the Lewis & clark Trail?

In 1978 Congress established the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail as part of the National Trails System. The National Park Service administers this trail in partnership with many federal, state, and local agencies, private organizations, and private landowners.

Although the Lewis and Clark expedition traveled mostly on rivers, Lewis often explored the adjacent land, and hunting parties walked to search for game. Today some roads that follow the rivers have been marked with the familiar silhouettes (on the cover of this book) of Lewis and Clark pointing the way. Sometimes roads on both sides of the river display these signs. Sometimes the expedition split up and took multiple routes. Sometimes the exact route is unknown. And many times the exact route and campsites have been wiped out by the changing course of the rivers over the last 200 years.

So the words "Lewis & Clark Trail" have come to signify the general and approximate route followed by the Corps of Discovery. Although this book follows many of these roads, it also uses some different roads and trails that are more suitable for bicycle travel.

Why BIKE the Lewis & Clark Trail?

Approaching Rocky Mts.First, It's a great ride. It provides a wide variety of outstanding scenery, good roads with light traffic, a variety of accommodations and food, and wonderful people.

Second, it's a great way to see, feel, and fully experience our magnificent country. Passing through nine states for 3,000 miles, it provides a comprehensive sampling of these "united states."

Sioux City bike pathThird, this route makes history come alive. There are many historical sites and exhibits along the way which are both fun and educational.

Finally, the years 2003–2006 mark the bicentennial of the Lewis & Clark expedition. Renewed attention was focused on this epic event in our country's history, and many towns and states along the route have added to their repertoire of services, activities, and celebrations.